Add that pizazz to your sparker exit photos

Join in the sparkler party!

I add depth and interest to my sparkler photos by snagging a sparkler for myself and having my own sparkler party. Really, what I do is hold my camera in my right hand and move the sparker around the outer edge of my lens with my left.

Is It tricky?

Yes. Try this at your own risk.

Is it worth it?

For me, absolutely. You can buy sparkler overlays that will give you a similar effect, but where is the fun in that :)

Just kiddinggggg! Use great care when doing this. I've been practicing my blind backwards walk for years.

Give it a shot though if you feel like you can do it without lighting anyone on fire!

*Pro-Tip: Do you want great sparkler photos without the chaos of wrangling all the guests? Ask just wedding party and immediate family to participate. It your space is small, or walking backwards isn't ideal, have everyone gather around the bride and groom and give a good sparkler WOOOOOO.